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Our Services at Oryx Law

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Transactional and Advisory Services
Our core expertise includes:

Oryx logoAsset management
Oryx logoDebt capital markets
Oryx logoDebt finance (global securitisation / structured finance (Shariah and conventional))
Oryx logoDerivatives/repurchase lending
Oryx logoFund structuring (Shariah & conventional)
Oryx logoIslamic Finance
Oryx logoMENA-wide financial services regulation
Oryx logoTrade finance/supply contract financing
Oryx logoMENA inbound and outbound investment structuring solutions

Senior consultants with expertise in other areas can be provided upon request.

Fractional General Counsel Services
Oryx provides in-house general counsel on a fractional basis, working with clients for a specified number of days per week, in clients’ offices and/or remotely. This gives clients access to strategic senior counsel, without adding headcount.

Board Level Services
Oryx offers boardroom solutions, including addressing diversity imbalance at director level, by the provision of executive and non-executive directors.

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